Test Engineer

Lalitpur, Nepal

Hardware Firmware and Software Test Engineer. 


* Testing all aspects of the product/system like function/component, system, performance, regression and service
* Developing procedures and tools for testing and verification of RTS products
Work with development team to identify and capture test cases, ensure version management
*Providing feedback on usability and serviceability, trace the result to quality risk and report it to concerned people


Knowledge of hardware, firmware and software

Must Have

Basic knowledge of electronic circuits, firmware and software. 

What's great in the job?

  • Test new technologies
  • Get to learn a diverse field
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

10 / 65 people

Company Growth:


Company Maturity:



Healthcare, Lunch


Vacation, Sick, and paid leaves

Eat & Drink